Starting from 2019.02.23 Bank offers only Factoring with recourse.

Factoring is the best solution, if the company sells goods or services with deferred payment, as a result the volume of working capital is depleted, as it is frozen until the payment is made by the buyer.

In order to successfully promote the products in a competitive environment, it is important to offer additional services, including terms of payment. Most often, under equal conditions, the buyer selects the supplier that can offer goods with deferred payments.

Using factoring, the supplier receives money for sold goods from LPB at once, and the finance is paid off when the money is received from the buyers on the due date. 

Using factoring, the supplier can increase the volume and velocity of sales. This type of lending is widely used particularly among wholesalers and manufacturing companies that sell their products both in Latvia and abroad.

Factoring conditions    

  • currency: EUR;
  • amount: from 20 000 EUR;
  • factoring amount: till 90% of the total bill;
  • contract term: till 18 months;
  • invoice payment term: till 120 days;
  • interest rate: depends on individual risk.


  • pledge of debtors’ claims*.

Terms of receiving:

  • period of active business of the company not less than 1 year;
  • weight of own capital in the balance sheet at least 10%;
  • company must work with positive gross margin (if the most recent reporting period appears losses, but previously it profitable, then the last period gross sales profitability must be positive);
  • liquidity of the company must be more or equal to 1.

To receive the factoring you have to:

  • open a current account in LPB;
  • fill in the application form and other necessary documents.

  * - The Bank reserves the right to request additional guarantee.

For additional information please contact us by e-mail or by phone: (+371) 6 715 1 802.