For export

Export as an instrument of economic growth ensures producers with new markets for their goods and service, which is especially important in time when the economic tension is still influencing purchasing capacity of local consumers.
Starting of export for all companies is doubtlessly quite complicated process, involving establishment of cooperation with local and foreign partners, as well as searching of the most appropriate financial solutions. Having made the right choice a producer may steady the positions of the enterprise and increase its profit at a long date.

Latvijas pasta banka has developed a package which will help the companies to orient themselves in the wide range of services offered by the Bank and will allow to select the most suitable solution in financial terms for launching export. The Bank pays careful attention to each project of the Customer and provides consultations about the financial aspect of export.

The support package for export includes the following

  • Necessary instruments for everyday transactions (Multicurrency account, Multicurrency payment card, Internet bank);
  • Working capital financing (Credit line, Stock financing, Factoring);
  • Issuing of a letter of credit and processing of encashment;
  • Consultations of the bank specialists on the following:
    • Concluding of contracts and agreements (if they involve trade finance);
    • Preparing of the text for export letter of credit;
    • Discounting the documents of export letters of credit.

LPB offers the following services, which diminish the risks related to export transactions, and ensures flexibility of international payments: