Spēkā no: 04.06.2018

1. Account opening, service and maintenance (for legal entities)  
1.1. Current account opening (the price includes the opening of an Account and the first set of the Identification and Authorisation Tools)1 200 EUR
1.2. Additional fee for express Current account opening within 48 hours after submitting a full set of documents to the Bank (during working hours of the Bank)1 350 EUR
1.3. Additional Current account opening  50 EUR
1.4. Account maintenance (monthly) 50 EUR
1.5. Minimum Account balance 150 EUR
1.6. Additional fee for submitting documents to the Bank via the Bank agent 75 EUR
1.7. Deposit of funds in USD currency on Client’s Current accounts and Payments Cards accounts (monthly)2 0,1%, min. 100 EUR
2. Registration and verification of Power of attorney  
2.1. Registration of Bank’s Power of attorney  20 EUR
2.2. Initial examination of notary approved Power of attorney 10 EUR
2.3. Each re-examination of notary approved Power of attorney  5 EUR
3. Card of specimen signature and seal  
3.1. Approval Free of charge
3.2. Change 20 EUR
4. Bank statement  
4.1. For a period of up to 1 year 5 EUR
4.2. For a period of over 1 year 0,30 EUR per 1 page, min 10 EUR
4.3. Bank statement duplicate 15 EUR
4.4. Statement of the closed account 0,50 EUR per 1 page, min 20 EUR
5. References  
5.1. The reference with confirmation of existence of the account and/or on a balance on the account 30 EUR
5.2. Other kind of reference on request of the Client 60 EUR
5.3. Providing information on inquiry of audit 100 EUR
5.4. Notarial Certification of the Reference3 100 EUR + actual expenses
5.5. Additional fee for an urgent inquiry within 2 hours from the moment of application (during working hours of the Bank)  50 EUR
6. Account closing 100 EUR
7. Closing Account maintenance fee (per day)4 0,5% of the amount min 50 EUR
8. Sending documents by mail3  
8.1. Within Latvia 10 EUR + actual expenses
8.2. Outside Latvia 20 EUR + actual expenses
9. Informative SMS  
9.1. Connection Free of charge
9.2. About transactions of the Current account (for each SMS) 0,10 EUR
9.3. About transactions of the Payment card account (for each SMS)  Free of charge
10. Issue of copies of archive's documents (for 1 (one) document)  
10.1. On an open Account 30 EUR
10.2. On a closed Account5 50 EUR
11. Copies of documents upon the Client's request (per sheet)3 1 EUR
12. Execution of law enforcement authority’s orders in accordance with the regulatory legal acts6  
12.1. Acceptance for execution of law enforcement authority’s orders 25 EUR
12.2.Execution of law enforcement authority’s orders (for every transaction)  15 EUR + commission fee in accordance with the Bank’s “Payments” rates 
13. Client's information update, if the update is performed by the Bank based on information publicly available from the state sources 100 EUR
14. Consideration of the Client's documents in order to make changes to the previously provided information to change  
14.1. Representative of the Client with the right to sign 100 EUR
14.2. The true beneficiary 200 EUR
15. Verification of the Customer's Power of Attorney to extend the powers of a previously approved legal representative of a Foreign Company 50 EUR
16. Verification of information on the representative of the Client with the right to sign necessary for servicing the account in publicly available sources of the state concerned
25 EUR
17. Other Bank services Information is available upon request

1 If the Bank refuses to open a Current account, the commission is not returned to the Client. 
2Commission is calculated on the average monthly consolidated balance over 1 million USD.
3 VAT is included in the commission, in accordance with the Latvian Republic Law on Value Added Tax.
4Due to the point 10.7.2. in General terms of Service.
5After identification of the Client's representative.
6Orders and revocations of issued orders of State Revenue Service and Sworn Bailiffs, judgments, decisions, rulings and orders of Courts and other law enforcement authorities.