Valid from: 01.12.2017

1. Bank's Internal Payment      
1.1. Between Client's accounts 18:00 Free of charge  Free of charge 
1.2. To the account of another Client of the Bank 18:00 10 EUR 10 EUR
2. Payments to other bank      
2.1. Payments in EUR      
Standard (D+1) 18:00 30 EUR 20 EUR
Urgent (D) 17:00 40EUR 30EUR
Express (D)* 17:45 65 EUR 65 EUR
2.2. Payments in USD      
Standard (D+1) 18:00 90 EUR 60 EUR
Urgent (D) 17:00 130 EUR 90 EUR
Express (D)* 17:45 160 EUR 160 EUR
2.3.  Payments in RUB      
Standard (D+1) 18:00 30 EUR   
Urgent (D) 16:00 40 EUR   
Express (D)* 17:45 60 EUR   
2.4. Payments in PLN      
Standard (D+1) 18:00  50 EUR 45 EUR
Urgent (D) 14:00   60 EUR  55 EUR
Express (D)* 15:30 80 EUR  80 EUR
2.5. Payments in other currencies      
Standard (D+2) 18:00  55 EUR 45 EUR
Urgent (D+1) 18:00   65 EUR  55 EUR
3. Additional services      
3.1. Investigation, cancellation and amendment of outgoing payment, investigation of expected or incoming payment 50 EUR + actual expenses    
3.2.  Issuance of approved SWIFT4 message copy 5 EUR    
 3.3. Cancellation of Bank's Internal payment 25 EUR    
3.4.  Return of credited incoming payment as per Client's request 25 EUR     
3.5. Return of funds from the closing account without Client's application  ** 40 EUR    
3.6. Credit of the returned outgoing payment to the Client's Bank account 25 EUR    
4. Credit and processing of incoming payments to  the  Clients' Bank accounts
4.1. Credit of incoming payment to  the Bank’s Client account  Free of charge    
4.2. Processing of an incoming payment with inaccurate payee’s name  25 EUR    
4.3.  Processing of an incoming payment with inaccurate payee’s IBAN5  25 EUR    
4.4.  Processing an incoming payment without specified purpose of payment  25 EUR    
5. Non-cash currency exchange*** according to official Bank's rate, free of charge

* Express (D) - a payment, which is executed in one hour’s time only by agreement with the Bank (the payment should be prior agreed with the employee of the Bank).
** The commission fee is deducted from the returned payment amount.
*** Individual exchange rate by agreement with Bank, from 5000 EUR or the equivalent in other currencies, without additional commission fee.
TIME1 – a time when the payment is received or the latest, when it is possible to submit the payment of this type. If the payment is submitted after the time indicated, 1 additional working day will be added to the time of execution.
OUR2 – The Payer undertakes to pay all transfer related commission fees (correspondent bank's fees, beneficiary bank's fees). The beneficiary receives the full transfer amount. JSC „LPB Bank” shall bear no responsibility in case that during the transfer of the payments, the banks involved in the transaction change the type of the payment's commission. If participating banks charge any commission fees during the transfer - JSC „LPB Bank”will debit those fees from the current account without Client’s authorization.
SHA3- The payer only pays JSC „LPB Bank” commission fee. All other commission fees related to the payment (correspondent banks, beneficiary banks) are covered by the Beneficiary. A beneficiary bank transfers the payment to Beneficiary’s account after all commission fees, if any, are withheld from the payment amount. Starting from November 1, 2009, if the payment is made in terms of the European Economic Area countries4 in EUR or other currencies (GBP, DKK, NOK, SEK, PLN, CZK, RON, BGN, HUF, CHF, HRK) and beneficiary’s account number is indicated in IBAN6 format, beneficiary bank’s SWIFT5 code, the type of commission fee is SHA, no other commission fees are withheld from the payment amount.
Bank has a right to change the type of commission fee from OUR to SHA, when processing Client's outgoing payments to the EEA countries in EUR or other currency.
SWIFT4 (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication ) - an electronic interbank communications system, where each bank is assigned an international code.
IBAN5(International Bank Account Number)- an international bank account number, which is opened by the bank and which complies with the international standard (ISO 13616:1997) that was developed by the European Committee for Banking Standards and the International Organization for Standardization.