Trust management

Trust management  is one of the most effective personal investment vehicles on the stock market. This service is suitable for those clients who value individualised approach the most. We will develop the strategies that will suit you personally, in terms of the vehicles and markets as well as of the management style. As part of personal management, our clients communicate directly with our key portfolio managers, who have years-long experience in international investments.

The bank provides the personal management service to private and company investors who are interested in professional management on all the global stock markets in the following fields: 

Strategy: Maintenance of capital

For those investors who focus on maintaining their capital and compensating for the long-term negative effect of inflation, but who are willing to accept only a minimal risk of their portfolio declining short-term. 

Strategy: Balanced growth

For those investors who focus on profitability that exceed significantly the expected returns of the bond market, and who anticipate that the risks of the assets engaged in this Strategy declining will be significantly lower than the average risk indices on the stock market. 

Strategy: Maximum growth

For those investors who focus on achieving the capital gain that exceeds the average expected returns on the stock market within the horizon of more than one year, and who are prepared for the possibility of the assets declining significantly.