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Trader Workstation

LPB Trader Workstation (TWS)   

LPB Trader Workstation (TWS)
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LPB Trader Workstation (TWS)
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LPB Trader Workstation (TWS)
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LPB offers its customers trader workstations aimed at satisfying the needs of various trading styles. Each customer has access to two trader workstations, which may be accessed with the same user word and password combination. Comparison of both trader workstations is given below:  

LPB Trader Workstation (TWS) 

LPB WebTrader 

Description of the service  

LPB Trader Workstation ir daudzfunkcionāla tirdzniecības platforma, kas atbalsta vairāku pasaules finanšu instrumentu tirdzniecību, izmantojot neskaitāmus rīkojumu veidus, algoritmiskus, kā arī piedāvā daudzus sarežģītus tirdzniecības rīkus.

LPB Trader Workstation is a multifunctional trader workstation, which supports trading of several financial instruments of the world by means of countless types of orders, icl. Algorithmic ones, as well as offers many complicated trading tools.

Access with enabled firewall 

Access may be unavailable with certain firewalls


Complexity of the user interface  

Rather complex, user manual is available.


Improved tools 

  • BookTrader 
  • OptionTrader 
  • BasketTrader 
  • ScaleTrader algo 
  • Accumulate/Distribute algo 
  • FXTrader 
  • SpreadTrader 
  • BookTrader 

Access to trading  

  • Via Internet  
  • By downloading to the desktop of your computer  
  • Only via Internet  

Types of orders  

  • More than 50 different types of orders, icl. algorithmic ones 
  • Bracket 
  • Discretionary 
  • Good 'Till Date/Time 
  • Limit 
  • Market 
  • Stop 
  • Stop Limit 
  • Limit On Close 
  • Market On Close 
  • Trailing Stop 
  • Trailing Stop Limit 

Analytical support  

  • Price/risk analysis my means of Risk Navigator  
  • Technical analysis, including diagrams, news and market scanners 
  • Information about fundamental data.  
  • Technical analysis, including diagrams and news  
  • MarketWatch fundamental data 
  • Market scanners  

Real-time monitoring