Payment cards

Payment card is a reliable way to keep your money and have constant access to your funds without the need to handle a large amount of cash.

With the payment cards we offer you can easily and profitably make purchases in Latvia and abroad, as well as make purchases online, book and pay for hotels and tickets.

Mastercard© Identity Check™ is an additional security layer for online credit and debit card transactions.

Types of cards 

  • MasterCard Standard,
  • MasterCard Gold,
  • MasterCard Platinum.

Advantages of using payment cards 

  • Payment card gives you the opportunity to pay conveniently for purchases and services.
  • Payment card allows you to make purchases and reservations on the Internet.
  • By using card for daily purchases, you do not have to worry about carrying around large amount of money in your purse.
  • Going abroad, you do not have to worry about currency exchanging – use your card or withdraw cash from ATMs around the world.
  • If the purchase currency is the same as the currency of Payment card account, there are no fees for payments both in Latvia and abroad.
  • Feel safe for your money — if you lose your card you can easily block it so no one else can access your money.
  • Payment card is protected against forgery and possible illegal use of ATMs, in stores or online - all payment cards issued by LPB, have a microchip.
  • You have the opportunity to receive a credit limit of up to 300% of your income with the favorable terms of repayment. 

Deposit protection