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Safe deposit boxes

The Bank offers its clients individual safe deposit boxes for keeping documents and valuables.
Safe deposit box —a convenient solution if there is no possibility to keep your valuables safe at home or work.

Safe deposit boxes are usually used for keeping money, securities, documents and seals, works of art, antiques, jewellery and other valuables, provided they are not forbidden.

The Bank has forbidden keeping inflammable and explosive, chemical, poisonous, toxic, radioactive materials and materials with strong odour, drugs, weapons and items with strong electric and magnetic fields in safe deposit boxes.

The Bank may provide access to individual safe depository to an authorised user. In order to arrange that the client renting the safe deposit box have to visit the Bank together with the authorised person, present an identity document, and fill in a special authorisation form.

Advantages of individual safe deposit box:

  • Complete confidentiality (you are the only person aware of the item kept in the safety box).
  • Possibility to choose from five different sizes of safe deposit box.
  • Renting term from one month to one year;
    Possibility to keep both keys with you or transfer them to the Bank.

Depository of LPB is located at Customer Service Centre at Brīvības str. 54, Riga.

In order to use an individual safe deposit box, you need to become client of the Bank.

For more information, please contact us by phone: +371 6 777 2999, or e-mail:  frvsv@yco.yi