LPB in cooperation with Finance development institution Altum offers additional opportunities for securing credit and financing investments.
The rules for receiving an Altum guarantee provide a unified procedure, conditions and obligations to all credit-institutions in Latvia.

Credit guarantee

Is granted in cases, when the financing offered by the entrepreneur is insufficient.

  • Altum covers up to 80% of total credit amount

Guarantee can be attached to:

  • Investment loan
  • Working capital loan
  • Financial leasing
  • Contest, advance payment, execution or time guarantee

Mezzanine loan 

Is granted in cases, when the entrepreneur cannot cover the full participation costs.

  • Altum covers up to 45% of total project costs
  • Maximum term for long term investment project is up to 15 years and the amount does not exceed 5 million euros

For more detailed information about using Altum services for your credit transaction, please write to the LPB Credit department  here.