Consumer credit

LPB offers consumer credit.

This type of lending makes it possible to obtain lacking funds for the improvement of houses or apartments, tourist trips, studies, opening and development of private business, as well as for purchases of long-term usage goods (like furniture, cars or real estate).

Loan conditions:

  • currency: EUR;
  • amount: 3 000 - 2 500 000 EUR (or equivalent in other currency);
  • maturity: till 60 months;
  • interest rate: depends on individual risk.


  • founds/deposit in the bank;
  • real estate pledge up to 70%, movable property – till 60% of market value;
  • other for bank acceptable collateral.

To receive the loan you have to:

  • open a current account in LPB;
  • fill in the application form and other necessary documents.