Credit line

The credit line is a short-term loan for replenishment of current assets, which can be reused within the assigned credit limit. This type of lending is a possibility to extend the period of deferred payment for buyers to obtain financing for the purchase of goods or to increase the reserves, as well as expand the range of debtors.

Especially important it can be during pre-holiday period. The credit line will allow the client to increase sales, expand the range of products and services, as well as to purchase large quantities of goods at favorable purchase prices. Interest rates are calculated according to the credit limit amount that has been actually spent. 

Loan conditions:

  • amount: to 3 500 000 EUR or equivalent in other currency;
  • currency: EUR;
  • maturity: up to 12 months;
  • interest rate: depends on individual risk.


  • founds/deposit in the bank;
  • real estate pledge up to 70% collateral of the market value;
  • commercial pledge of company assets up to 70% of collateral of the market value;
  • other for bank acceptable collateral.

Loan granting conditions:

  • economic activity of the company at least 1 year;
  • own capital in the balance at least 10%;
  • company has to work with profit;
  • company’s liquidity has to equal or higher than 1.

To receive the loan you have to:

  • fill in the application form and other necessary documents.

For additional information please contact us by e-mail or by phone: (+371) 6 715 1 802.