Stock financing

The basis for stock financing is the company's existing goods and raw materials at the warehouse. This type of financing is beneficial to manufacturers and large wholesalers. This kind of financing stimulates an increase in turnover, an increase of commodity and raw material resources, product range, as well as increasing the liquidity of importers.

Stock financing conditions:

  • fund receivement - legal persons ( residents of Latvia and non-residents);
  • amount: to 4 000 000 EUR or equivalent in another currency;
  • currency: EUR;
  • the object of financing: goods and raw material on stocks;
  • funding: 60% of stock value;
  • period of funding: 12-18 months;
  • interest rate depends on the specific credit risk.


  • goods and raw materials in stock in LR.

Loan granting conditions:

    term of economic activity of enterprise not less than 1 years;
  • share of own capital in the balance sheet at least 10%;
  • company must operate with a profit;
  • company’s liquidity has to equal or higher than 1.

To receive the loan you have to:

  • open a current account in LPB;
  • provision of the necessary documents for the consideration of the case;
  • fill in the application form and other necessary documents;
  • conclusion of a tripartite agreement with the logistical.

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