Leasing is a service, which allows you to quickly and easily acquire a car, real estate or other products you need.

Leasing is a type of financial transaction under which the Lessor (the Bank) transfers to the Customer the right to use the Object of leasing (car, real estate, equipment, means of production, etc.) in exchange for the payments, stipulated in the agreement.

LPB offers financial leasing, which means that after all lease payments established by the agreement are made and the term of the agreement has expired, the object of leasing becomes the property of the Client.

Conditions of leasing:

  • amount: up to 2 500 000 EUR or equivalent amount in other currency;
  • currency: EUR;
  • term:
    • 60 months, in case the Object of leasing is a vehicle, which at the end of the Leasing term is not older than 10 years;
    • 84 months, in case the Object of leasing is means and accessories of production;
    • 120 months, in case the Object of leasing is real estate.
  • the Bank provides financing: up to 70% from the total costs of the project, or up to 90% in case collateral security is provided;
  • interest rate:depends on the credit risk of each case.

Collateral security:

  • financial resources/term deposit in the Bank;
  • real estate mortgage; 
  • commercial pledge on the company's assets;
  • warranties or guaranties of the third parties.

Leasing granting conditions:

  • duration of active economic activity of the company is at least 1 year;
  • the proportion of the company’s equity capital in the balance is at least 20%;
  • the company should operate with gross profit;
  • the total liquidity of the company should be equal to or exceed 1. For retail companies this showing may not be lower than 0.5.

To receive the leasing you have to:

  • open a current account in LPB;
  • fill in the application form and other necessary documents.  
For additional information please contact us by e-mail or by phone: +371 6 7151802.