Valid from: 26.11.2018

1. Cash withdrawal from Account1  
1.1. EUR2 0,25% of the amount, min. 5 EUR  
1.2. USD3 1 % of the amount, min. 10 EUR
1.3. GBP, RUB3 1 % of the amount, min. 8 EUR 
1.4. Additional fee for cash withdrawal without a previous reservation 0,1% of the amount paid EUR within one day2,
0,1% from USD, GBP, RUB amount paid3
2. Cash deposit into Account (banknotes)  
2.1. EUR4 2 EUR
2.2. USD5 1 % of the amount, min. 10 EUR
2.3. GBP, RUB 0,7% of the amount, min. 8 EUR
2.4. For Term deposit (EUR4 Free of charge
3. Cash deposit into other Client’s Account  
3.1. EUR4 0,1% of the amount, min. 5 EUR
3.2. GBP, RUB 1% of the amount, min. 8 EUR
4. Order of cash by face value  
4.1. Banknotes (EUR, USD, GBP, RUB) 1% of the amount, min. 8 EUR + cash withdrawal fee 
4.2. Coins (EUR) 50 pieces 1 EUR, min. 5 EUR + cash withdrawal fee 
5. Coin processing (EUR)  50 pieces 1 EUR, min. 5 EUR
6. Currency exchange in cash (EUR4, USD5, GBP, RUB)   
6.1. For Bank's Clients 2 EUR
6.2. For Clients who do not have the Current Account 5 EUR
7. Examination of the banknotes authenticity on Clients request (EUR,USD5, GBP, RUB) 1 EUR per one banknote
8. Exchange of cash  
8.1. Exchange of banknotes (EUR) to coins, coins (EUR) to banknotes  1 EUR for 50 coins, min. 5 EUR
8.2. Exchange of banknotes (EUR) to other banknote denominations 1% of the amount, 
min. 8 EUR

If operation is done in a foreign currency, the commission fee for the Bank’s services is calculated and charged in EUR, according to the Bank’s standard exchange rate, which is effective at the time of withholding of the Banking Commission. Foreign Currency coins are not accepted or given in change.
1 Cash withdrawal of the Term deposit and the interest income (EUR, USD) - free of charge, if Term deposit has been made in cash and payment is performed within 30 days after the end date of the Term deposit.
2 Cash withdrawal over 15'000 EUR shall be ordered one bank working day in advance before 2 p.m by Internet banking,Telephone banking or by sending a written request to the Bank. The Bank has the right to refuse cash withdrawal if it has not been previously notified.
3 Cash pay-out in USD, GBP, RUB currencies, regardless of the amount, must be agreed upon via Internet bank, Telephone bank or by sending the information to the Bank in writing. The Bank has the right to refuse the pay-out of cash, if the cash is not available or the order was not previously agreed upon.
4 If cash is deposited in coins (EUR) a handling fee is charged.
5 The Bank accepts from Clients USD banknotes issued from 1996, except 100 USD dollar banknotes issued in 2006.