Current accounts

For convenient payments between both companies and individuals, LPB offers to open a current account.

This will allow you to effectively manage your money, using a wide range of banking services. 

With the help of internet banking and telephone banking you will be able to monitor the status of your account and make payments at any time and from anywhere in the world. 

Why would you need a current account 

  • To keep your money safe;
  • To conveniently receive salary, pension, social benefits, scholarship or other income;
  • To deposit or withdraw cash from your account at Customer service centers of LPB or at any ATM all over the world, if a payment card has been assigned to your account;
  • To do any necessary account activities — pay bills, transfer money to other accounts, including accounts of foreign bank, and many more.

Open an Account

  • To open a current account, you should visit the Customer service center of LPB;
  • Make sure you have your passport or ID card with you.

Deposit protection

Price list