Valid from: 01.12.2017

1. Escrow account maintenance   
1.1. Processing of Escrow account agreement, Escrow account opening and closure  0,3 % of the transaction amount, min 250 EUR
1.2. Prepayment for an escrow account agreement project preparation* 
100 EUR
2. Bank courier's services   
2.1. Fee for the Bank courier's document delivery services in the administrative territory of Riga etc. **  50 EUR 
3. Change of terms of the agreement    30 EUR 
*Submitting an Application for escrow account opening, the Client pays prepayment, which is included in the total commission. 
In case if transaction is canceled, the paid prepayment will not be returned.
** VAT is included in the commission, in accordance with the Latvian Republic Law on "Value Added Tax".