LPB Bank offers to carry out operations with financial instruments.

Make profit by investing your free funds in financial instruments!

In cooperation with LPB you can:  

  • Buy, sell or safe keep financial instruments; 
  • Make a profit from price movements of financial instruments;
  • Receive dividends from shares and interest on debt securities;
  • Transfer securities between your accounts at the LPB Bank and your accounts at other banks.

LPB Bank offers to carry out operations with financial instruments

  • Baltic stock exchanges;
  • Leading foreign stock and commodity exchanges;
  • OTC instruments.

Using LPB services, you will be able to invest into money market instruments, equities, fixed income securities, futures contracts and options.

Advantages of our services? :

  • A wide range of financial instruments;  
  • Competitive fees and charges; 
  • Individual approach to each client; 
  • High quality service.  

Deposit protection

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For more information, please contact us by phone: +371 6 777 2956, +371 6 777 2929 or e-mail: [email protected]