Brokerage services

LPB Bank provides access to the most popular financial markets and exchanges worldwide, covering the whole range of financial instruments – stocks, futures, bonds, options etc.

Forex the international currency market is the most popular of all financial markets among traders in the world due to its availability, low minimum deposit and widespread advertising. With absolute liquidity, Forex allows you to trade virtually 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world.

Stock markets allow you to invest in those sectors that seem most appealing and understandable - the number of companies whose shares are traded on different exchanges are tens of thousands, and available tools (options, contracts-for-difference, short selling, trading with leverage) allow to benefit from any market movement, even with a relatively small deposit. Most modern exchanges more or less support the technology for direct access to trading, giving the opportunity to trade from anywhere in the world using a computer connected to the World Wide Web.

OTC bnd market provides the participants with opportunity to attract (borrow) and allocate (lend) funds, providing liquidity, content and standardized conditions. The choice of tools and issuers in this market is large enough to implement investment strategies with different ratios of risk and reward.
Commodity markets, or futures markets is the place where the parties agree on fixing the conditions to buy or sell a standard quantity of a certain commodity within a specified time in the future at a price fixed today.
Featuring rapid growth, diversification and the use of new technologies, the futures markets in recent years have become extremely attractive to investors - an annual turnover is growing on average by one third.