How to trade?

LPB offers its customers the possibility to trade various financial instruments from a single account of financial instruments. The customers have the possibility to trade stocks, stock options, futures, futures options and bonds.

Due to the single account of financial instruments, you will be able to trade any financial instruments, without wasting your time for account administration. At the same time, the bank will carry out all your instructions maximally effectively.  

You may choose the most convenient and advantageous form of carrying out financial transactions: 

DMA - Direct Market Access  

DMA, Direct Market Access – a service of online trading, specially envisaged for active traders, which feel comfortable about being one-to-one with the market. By using modern technical means you minimize the distance between you and the market, which allows you to implement your trading ideas almost instantly.  

Advantages of using DMA: 

  • Trading speed: by means of the Internet you create trading orders directly at exchanges;
  • Control of state of your account: trader workstations allow you to follow the state of your account un the status of trading orders in a real-time regime;  
  • Possibility to feel the market: by receiving market information directly from exchanges, you will always have the most updated information necessary for making trading decisions. 

Most modern exchanges to a greater or lesser extent support the technology of direct market access, providing the possibility to trade from any place in the world, just using a computer and Internet connection.  

Today trader workstations are regarded as wholesome workplace of a trader. They provide comfortable conditions for trading by offering prompt access to the trading information and the state of your account. That allows making transactions in various exchanges and markets with a single click.  

If you are confident about yourself and wish to trade yourself, we will provide you such possibility. By means of our trading terminals, you will get access to the stock exchanges of USA, Russia and Europe.  

Classic Brokerage 

Despite the fact that modern technologies allow each investor or trader to be online with the financial markets while staying at his or her computer, telephone-based brokerage services have not only retained their topicality, but also obtained new functional meaning.

The service of Classic Brokerage is mainly intended for customers, whose main activity is not trading. By means of modern technological solutions, the brokers of LPB Bank will become your personal assistants by following important events. They will explain you what should be taken into account at making investment or trading decisions, as well as provide the necessary assistance in selection of the financial instrument, thus saving both your time and money.