Commodity exchanges

Commodity exchanges are centralized trading places, where mainly raw materials (energy resources, metals, sawn timber) and agricultural products (grain, textiles, coffee etc.).  

Practically all modern commodities are traded in the form of futures contracts, which make it especially convenient to agree on all conditions – to exchange commodities against money. Due to such system exchanges attract not only buyers and sellers of commodities and raw materials, but also investors, hedging specialists and profiteers.  

LPB Bank provides its customers access to the most popular futures markets

North America  

  • NYMEX - New York Mercantile Exchange 
  • NYBOT - New York Board of Trade 
  • CBOE - Chicago Board of Options Exchange 
  • CME - Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Inc. 
  • CBOT - Chicago Board of Trade 

Western Europe  

  • ICE - Intercontinental Exchange (ex-IPE) 
  • LIFFE - London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange 
  • LME - London Metal Exchange 
  • EUREX - Eurex Frankfurt AG