Stock exchange

One of the most popular forms of investment of monetary instruments is investment in the stocks of companies. Private investors, as well as big funds buy stocks of companies with the aim to get profit both in the form of dividends and capital gains. 

Stock – a security, which certifies the property rights of its owner to the capital share of the stocks of a company. A stock entitles its owner to various rights: receiving of a share of profits, selling securities, participation in management of a stock company, property rights. 

LPB offers its customers the possibility to trade their stocks, which are listed on practically all stock exchanges of the world. If you are confident about yourself and wish to trade your stocks yourself, we will provide you such possibility. By means of our trading terminals, you will get access to the stock exchanges of USA, Europe and Russia.  

The list of available exchanges:  


  • Austria - Wiener Börse
  • Belgium - Euronext
  • Germany - Deutsche Börse AG (Xetra)
  • Switzerland - SIX Swiss Exchange
  • France - Euronext
  • Great Britain - London Stock Exchange
  • Denmark - NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange
  • Sweden - NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange
  • Finland - NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange
  • and other markets. 

North America  

  • NYSE, ASV - New York Stock Exchange
  • NASDAQ, ASV - NASDAQ Stock Market
  • Canada - Toronto Stock Exchange 


  • MICEX (ММВБ) – MICEX stock exchange
  • RTS (РТС) – RTS stock exchange 


  • Australia - Australian Securities Exchange
  • Hong Kong - The Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • Japan - Tokyo Stock Exchange