Spēkā no: 01.12.2017

1. Payment card maintenance    
1.1. Payment card annual fee 100 EUR 
1.2. Additional payment card annual fee  60 EUR 
1.3. Payment card or Additional payment card replacement 7 EUR
1.4. Express issue of Payment card during 8 hours (working hours of the Bank) 15 EUR
2. New, renewed and replaced Payment card validity period  2 years
3. Purchase fee  Free of charge
4. Currency exchange fee if the purchase currency is different from the currency of Payment card account 2%
5. Cash withdrawal fee   
5.1. Citadele banka ATMs First two times a month - free of charge, 0,70 EUR
5.2. At other bank's ATMs 2 EUR + 1,5%
6. Fee for inquiry account balance   
6.1. Citadele banka ATMs 0.20 EUR
6.2. Other bank's ATMs 0.70 EUR
7. Credit limit   
The amount of the Credit limit, depending in the Bank invested Term deposit  
From 15 001 up to 45 000 EUR or equivalent in another currency  80%
Over 45 000 EUR or equivalent in another currency  90%
8. Fee of the use of Credit limit   
8.1. Annual interest rate on use of the Credit limit 22%
8.2. Annual interest rate for over spent limit of the Credit limit 48%
8.3. The minimum amount of the Payment card account monthly supplement, of the used Credit limit 5%
8.4. The deadline by which the Payment card account should be supplemented, in the case the Credit limit is used Last business day of a calendar month
9. Other services   
9.1. Fee for review of complaint Free of charge*
9.2. Fee for Payment card transaction supporting document requesting 15 EUR
9.3. Travel insurance Free of charge
10. Payment card standard limits   
10.1. Daily (24h) cash withdrawal 7 500 EUR or equivalent in other currency 
10.2. Monthly cash withdrawal 45 000 EUR or equivalent in other currency 
10.3. Daily (24h) purchase 7 500 EUR or equivalent in other currency 
10.4. Monthly purchase 45 000 EUR or equivalent in other currency 
11. Transfers from the Payment card account  In accordance with the Price list “Payments / Electronic payments” 
12. Fee, in case the transaction in Payment card account is in USD, RUB, GBP or CHF currencies   
12.1. Cash withdrawal fee at other bank's ATMs 3 USD + 1,5%/100 RUB + 1,5%/2 GBP + 1,5%/ 3 CHF + 1,5%
12.2. Fee for inquiry of account balance at other bank's ATMs 1 USD/30 RUB/ 0,70 GBP/ 1 CHF

* If the complaint review is necessary to request transaction supporting document from third parties involved in processing of the transaction and is found, that the complaint is unjustified, the Bank commission is being applied EUR 15.00 for each of the transaction.