Masterсard Standard

This Payment credit card can be used to pay for various goods and services, as well as to make cash withdrawals at ATMs and banks around the world where Mastercard logo is displayed.

Advantages of Mastercard Standard: 

  • Use your Mastercard Standard to conveniently pay for goods and services.
  • Easily make purchases and reservations on the Internet, using Mastercard© Identity Check™.
  • Avoid storing large amounts of cash in your wallet by paying with the Payment card.
  • No need to worry about exchanging currency when travelling abroad.
  • If the purchase currency is the same as the currency of Payment card account, there are no fees for payments both in Latvia and abroad.
  • Payment cards connected to the account of your Payment card can be issued to multiple users.
  • Feeling that your money is safe – if your Payment card is lost, just block it and no one else will be able to access your money.
  • If necessary, you can use a credit limit up to 300% of your regular income with favorable repayment terms. This amount can be used as extra money to cover your daily expenses.
  • Payment card is protected against forgery – all LPB Payment cards have a magnetic stripe, chip and contactless function.
  • Special offers from Bank’s partners (Loyalty program).
  • Different privileges in cities around the world (Program Mastercard “Priceless Cities”).

Contactless function:

  • With contactless Payment card the Payment card holder can pay for purchases in Latvia in amount up to 50 EUR without entering the PIN code – simply by holding the Payment card close to the terminal that supports contactless function.
  • When making payments with LPB contactless Payment card, to make sure that the Payment card is used by its owner, from time to time the POS terminal may request to enter a PIN code.