Virtual Payment card

Virtual Payment card allows you to make purchases on the Internet and provides the highest level of data protection.
The user receives a Payment card number, CVV code, and expiration date, which allows making purchases and paying for services worldwide.Advantages: 


  • The highest level of protection - as the Payment card exists only in virtual form, its user is protected from unwanted data leakage in the event of loss or theft of the Payment card.
  • Unlimited possibilities of payment - Virtual Payment card offers its users unlimited possibilities to make purchases anywhere in the world where you have access to the Internet, using Mastercard© Identity Check™.
  • Virtual Payment card - is the most convenient way to pay for goods and services, which allows the user to make purchases around the world without leaving home.

Account replenishment and balance of the virtual Payment card:

The account of the virtual Payment card can be replenished by the transfer from another account in LPB or any other bank, as well as by cash deposit in one of LPB Customer service centers.

You can get all the necessary information about the account balance and transactions through the LPB Internet banking.

Any Client of the Bank can apply for the Payment card by filling out the application and submitting it over the Internet-bank system or at the Customer service center. 

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