Banking services in Greece


Recommendations for clients who plan to travel to Greece

Paying with LPB cards in Greece

The LPB payment cards are connected to the MasterCard system and are working throughout the world, including Greece. Nevertheless, there is as possibility that some shops, restaurants or other service companies might limit their acceptance of cards.

Withdrawal of cash from ATMs in Greece

 According to the information announced by the Greek government, withdrawal of cash from ATMs is not limited for the owners of foreign payment cards. For users of local cards, there is a limit of 60 euros per day on cash withdrawals. Please consider that some ATMs may run out of cash and there is no information on when they will be refilled.

Recommendations for those who travel to Greece

When planning a trip to Greece, it is necessary to provide yourself with enough cash to cover all the expenses in case the ATMs run out of cash and the payment cards will not be accepted.