Reminder about requirements for online card payments


Strong requirements for online card payments in accordance with the PSD2 standards.

Dear clients,

Please note that strong authentication requirements for online card payments in accordance with the standards defined in the European Union Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) entered into force on 1 January 2021. For you, as card owners, this means greater security when making card payments online.

If an EU (also EEA) merchant does not fulfil strong authentication requirements, from January 1 all unsecure online payments using the payment cards issued by LPB Bank automatically are rejected. The following UNSECURE PURCHASES will be rejected:

  • exceeding 30 euros;
  • if the amount of several small unsecure purchases (up to 30 euros) exceeds 100 euros;
  • if five small unsecure purchases are made in a row.

Having analysed the payments usually made by our clients, we have found, that a part of EU (also EEA) merchants, with whom the Bank’s clients do shopping on a regular basis, have still not introduced the security update contrary to the requirements of regulatory enactments, so card payments in some online stores may be rejected. In case of a rejection, please pay attention to the alternative payment methods offered by the merchant on his website, for example, transfers using online banking or PayPal. If you have any questions about other payment options, please contact the merchant.

Information on PSD2 requirements was published on the Bank’s website on 30.12.2020.

Yours LPB Bank